At Heptech, we aim to leverage our expertise and resources in conducting thorough scientific research, creating innovative pharmaceutical products. The journey to market these products depends on their technological maturity, market knowledge, and the drug’s innovative aspects.

Highly disruptive products usually demand extensive preclinical studies to rigorously evaluate their safety and efficacy, along with comprehensive details on manufacturing processes and trial strategy protocols.

Safe Bovine Heparin

This project is focused on leveraging our innovative technology to produce pilot batches of Safe Bovine Heparin (SBH) as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). SBH, a novel enhanced quality Bovine Heparin, has equal clinical effect, tolerability and can be used as interchangeable drug as the porcine based heparin. The commercialization route for SBH varies by market, potentially involving straightforward approaches or extensive testing to meet specific regional regulatory criteria. For investment or partnership opportunities in the production of SBH, we invite you to get in touch with Heptech.

Bovine Enoxaparin

This groundbreaking project centers on developing the first bovine-derived low molecular weight heparin (LMWH). At Heptech, we have successfully produced a cost- effective bovine LMWH at a lab scale, exhibiting equal pharmacopeial qualities to those of porcine-derived heparin. This innovation not only aims to mitigate the risk of enoxaparin shortages but also caters to the needs of Muslim communities seeking non- porcine medical products. The forthcoming phases of this venture involve gathering pre-clinical data, elaborating on manufacturing specifics, and preparing clinical trial protocols. These are crucial initial steps for submitting applications to regulatory bodies in new markets.

Non-anticoagulant Antimetastatic Heparin

Research and development into basic bovine heparin have uncovered a fraction with a distinctive structure exhibiting low anticoagulant activity. This Low Anticoagulant Bovine Heparin (LABH) has demonstrated effectiveness in inhibiting tumor growth and metastasis, without the risk of hemorrhagic side effects. Currently, this R&D product is being extensively studied to elucidate its exact mechanism of action and to determine its potential applicability across various cancer types. The upcoming phase includes conducting numerous pre-clinical tests to confirm its efficacy. As a fundamentally innovative product, LABH necessitates additional funding. Consequently, Heptech is actively seeking a developmental partner to advance this pioneering work.