One of the project development strategies at Heptech is carried out through the acquisition of resources and knowledge from funding and acceleration sources. In the past, Heptech has received funding from FAPERJ and SENAI, and in 2022, participated in SEBRAE’s CATALISA ICT project, a program that helped advance the development of our products aimed at scaling up and market entry.


Heptech was chosen from a range of FAPERJ projects to create a explainer video showcasing its initiatives. In the video, Heptech discusses its innovations in the anticoagulant market, the significance of its discoveries for the industry, and the collaborations with UFRJ and funding sources (FAPERJ) that have made its development possible. To learn more about Heptech, watch the video:



RIW 2022

Heptech was invited to showcase our innovative work at Rio Innovation Week (RIW) 2022. At this dynamic event, Heptech had the opportunity to network with other startups, as well as government and private sector entities, discussing innovation in Brazil and globally. You can access Heptech’s presentation here:


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